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One of the most important sources of funding for us is Bequests, which donors leave us in their Wills. Leaving a bequest in your Will to Schneider Children’s is a mitzvah (good deed) of the highest accord, for it epitomizes the finest of humanitarian acts of generosity, spirit and hope for sick kids who will benefit from your thoughtfulness after you have passed on.

A bequest, whether designated or non-designated, provides the medical center with a strong and sustained foundation for the future. You may choose to leave a fixed amount of money, or request that the residue of your estate be left to Schneider Children’s following other set distributions.

Non-designated bequests accord the medical center with the greatest freedom to apply the gift towards the most appropriate and urgent objective at the time that the funds are received.

Designated bequests obligate the medical center to invest the funding towards the specific purpose indicated by the donor.

A properly drawn-up Will simplifies matters for your beneficiaries and ensures that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you intend. We recommend the following steps:


  • Your Will may be drawn up by your solicitor or be prepared by you in your own handwriting. It must be dated and signed.
  • It is best to select an executor for your Will, someone upon whom you can rely.
  • To be legally binding, your Will must be witnessed by two other people (non-beneficiaries) who sign the document as well.

Our Pledge to You
Schneider Children’s undertakes to carry out your wishes exactly as you direct and in the spirit in which your decision was made.


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