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Visit Us!

Visitors promote cheer, comfort and confidence
and bring messages of joy and encouragement

to children, arents and staff alike






It is tough being hospitalized, and tougher still if you are a child. Hospitalization, whatever the cause, means strange surroundings, smells and sounds, unfamiliar faces, a break in daily routine, and separation from family and friends, all of which require new resources for coping. Visits, especially by strangers from afar, make an indelible impression upon hospitalized youngsters and contribute immeasurably to their confidence and sense of well-being. Every visit to Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel is meaningful and important, and as a result, visitors are welcomed warmly.

Should you wish to bring gifts for hospitalized children, we will assist you with suggestions and ideas, as well as coordinate arrangements. Whether an individual or a family, a concerned group or an organization, we will ensure that both you and our young patients will gain the maximum benefit from your thoughtful endeavor.


Who to Contact:
Ronit Singer
External Affairs

Tel: 972-3-9253742/3203
Cell: 972-50-6264780
Fax: 972-3-9253855
Email: [email protected]

Past Visitors  

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