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Department of Medical Records

The Department of Medical Records is a methodical archive of all documentation regarding a patient’s medical history and treatment, and maintains all confidential information. It is responsible for providing this information when and where required, according to the law.

Director of the Department

Marina Pery

The Medical Records Department deals with the documentation, filing and Xeroxing of medical folders of patients who were hospitalized at Schneider Children’s. Medical records are confidential and information may only be garnered therefrom according to the law of patient rights and the law for the protection of medical privacy. Departmental staff provides services to various parties including patients who were hospitalized at Schneider Children’s, medical and nursing staff, lawyers, public institutions such as the IDF, Israel Police, National Insurance Institute, hospitals and health organizations. The original documents are kept at Schneider Children’s, and only copies are distributed upon request.

Conditions for Obtaining Information
Information regarding patients under the age of 18 will be provided upon presentation of the parent’s ID card together with the additional stub indicating the child’s name. The parent will be required to sign a confidentiality disclaimer. For patients over the age of 18, information will only be provided to the patient or his proxy together with a confidentiality disclaimer signed by the patient.

Payment Exemptions
There is no charge for the provision of information in the following instances:

  • Specific medical data from the folder (and not the entire folder) according to a written request from the medical professional
  • Official institutions: Military Induction Center, National Insurance Institute, the hospital, Israel Police, the Psychology Service

The Department of Medical Records documents the professional relationship between the patient/s and other registered professional/s, who discuss the treatment of the patient including physical or virtual/digital devices.


All requests may be made directly to the department. Medical information is only provided on a disc with the exception of those records that cannot be copied to a disc.

Location: 3rd Floor, adjacent to the Archives
Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 08:00-13:00; Holiday eves and Intermediary Holidays, 08:00-11:00
After Hours: Leave a completed request form available next to the mailbox provided outside the department
Contact: Email:[email protected], Tel.972-3-9253357
Medical records are provided to Health Funds without charge and sent by Fax # 972-3-7426836.


According to Health Ministry regulations:
Digital records within the past 5 years - NIS10
Digital records going back more than 5 years - NIS107 for the first 10 pages; 50ag for each consecutive page
Non-digitized records - NIS107 for the first 10 pages; 50ag for each consecutive page
Imaging studies - According to each Health Fund


Information regarding patients under the age of 18 will be provided after parents sign a confidentiality disclaimer (Original only).

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