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A Bridge to Peace


Based on the vision of the late Irving and Helen Schneider, major benefactors of the medical center, Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel epitomizes the underlying philosophy envisioned by its founders. Open to every child in Israel and the Middle East irrespective of religion, race or nationality, Schneider Children's serves as a bridge to peace in the region.

Schneider Children’s endeavors are based upon our belief that children are our hope for the future, and are the essence, spirit and soul to bridge the gap between peoples.


Reaching Out

Some 30% of Schneider Children's patients come from the Arab sectors of Israel or from neighboring countries in the Middle East. Schneider Children’s not only extends a welcome hand to Muslim children in need in the realization of peace, co-existence and mutual respect, but also ensures them the best pediatric care available.



Professional Cooperation

Schneider Children's views multilevel interchange and advanced education as a top outreach priority. By providing training to medical professionals both in Israel and abroad, Schneider Children’s can contribute towards the improved care of children worldwide. This approach has even more importance when institutions and personnel emanate from Israel’s neighbor, the Palestinian Authority (PA), because the greater the hospital’s impact upon the humanitarian and personal levels, the greater the hopes for improved cooperation and understanding on the national level.


Quality, open and ongoing communication and cooperation between Schneider Children’s and the PA engenders:

 Mutual trust between neighbors 
 Improved professional capability for medical teams in the PA
 Better care for Palestinian children
 The groundwork for broader collaboration throughout the Palestinian Authority in the future


Over recent years, PA doctors have undergone advanced training in the fields of intensive care, urology and nephrology. A physician from Gaza who underwent advanced training over one year in oncology, still maintains close contact with his colleagues at Schneider.


Equal Treatment

Acknowledging that all children are equal, Schneider Children's has evolved a policy of multidisciplinary treatment alongside integrated supportive care programs, which are geared to the specific requirements of the Arab youngster and his family. Schneider Children's Arabic speaking professionals contribute towards improved understanding and better communication, and advance equality in the areas of human and civil rights.


Similarly, there is no distinction in children's wards based on nationality or language. Palestinian or Israeli Arab children are hospitalized alongside their Jewish peers, and families intermingle daily helping to break down barriers. The only concern of the medical center is that each child and his family receive the finest treatment available.


A Message of Life and Hope

Schneider Children’s is a world of caring and sends a message of life and hope to all children. While modern medicine and technology may create the tools for continued progress, it is still the inspired human being who provides the faith, spirit and skill to work its miracles.



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