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ER Doctors Caution Parents

Schneider Children's ER specialists caution parents: Don’t be afraid to come to the ER when necessary – delayed care can threaten your child's life
Date: 16.10.23 | Update: 31.10.23

During these times of war, we are witnessing a sharp decline in the number of children referred to the Emergency Medicine Department (ER) at Schneider Children's, in comparison with the same period in previous years. Abstaining from referring to the ER evolves from the fear of parents and patients to leave home and the safe space during a security situation. While the fear is understandable, there are medical situations that demand urgent referral for diagnosis and care in the ER. 

Doctors have itemized situations when parents should bring their child immediately to the ER to receive evaluation and treatment:
  • Any change in consciousness, lack of response to his or her name, or pain
  • Difficulty in breathing, noisy breathing, blue skin on the face or body (when the body temperature is high, reduce the fever initially with standard analgesics)
  • Repeated vomiting combined with urine retention for a long time
  • Fever above 38ºC in infants under 8 weeks old (anal measurement)
  • Combination of fever and skin rash that does not disappear when pressed or stretched
  • Severe headache with behavioral changes or vomiting
  • Sudden sharp pain in the testes that lasts for more than half an hour, even at rest
  • Wounds following injury with possible limb fracture or discharge, foreign body in the eye, loss of consciousness, increasing headache and/or vomiting, continued bleeding despite local pressure of several minutes
  • Swallowing or inhaling a foreign body or dangerous substances (medications or cleaning agents)
  • Snake or scorpion bite 
  • Sudden allergic reaction with breathing and/or respiratory distress
According to Dr. Ron Berant, Director of the Emergency Medicine Department (ER) at Schneider Children's, "The fear at this time is understandable, but it is important to remember that this period is not void of injury or illness that require urgent medical attention. Any neglect can lead to complications and even life-threatening situations. I would like to underscore the fact that the hospital has secure areas and we are prepared for every contingency so that our staff, patients and parents remain safe. I implore parents and their children to come to the hospital to obtain treatment as needed routinely or in an emergency."

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