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Motorized Tractors for Kids Are Dangerous!

Idan, 6, from Netanya, arrived in the Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children's, with a fracture in his skull after he was injured in a "tractoron" accident
Date: 04.07.23 | Update: 06.07.23

Idan, 6, from Netanya, arrived in the Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children's Medical Center, with a fracture in his skull after he was injured in a "tractoron" accident. Idan was playing in the garden when one of his friends arrived with a motorized tractor for children. The two made a bet who could go faster: Idan running or his friend on the tractor. In a moment of inattention, the tractor, which reached a speed of 20kph, lost control and overturned on Idan. 

Idan, who remained conscious, returned home and started to feel an excruciating headache. He was taken to the nearby Laniado Hospital in Netanya where he underwent a series of tests including a CT which showed significant hemorrhaging in the ear and a skull fracture. Due to the findings, Idan was transferred immediately to Schneider Children's where he underwent further investigation in the Intensive Care Unit to evaluate whether this was a long-term injury, and was administered medication against seizures. Luckily, following 24 critical hours, it was determined that his condition was good and that he would remain under observation in hospital. 

Idan's mother, Orit, said that "we endured a difficult and frightening experience and I don’t wish this on any parent. Thank God, we had good luck. This is an especially dangerous time during the long summer vacation when children run around everywhere. I would like to tell all parents that there are things that are not games, even if it seems like it to us, and it is very important to protect children so that they will enjoy a safe vacation."

Dr. Idan Ben Zvi, senior neurosurgeon in the Neurosurgery Unit at Schneider Children's, noted that "Idan arrived with massive bleeding in the ear and a fractured skull, and therefore it was necessary to monitor him to ensure that there was no sudden deterioration. Two children aged 6 without helmets on a motorized tractor which reaches 20 kph, is a sure recipe for injury. Children can be severely injured with what we as adults think is only a game or toy. Summer vacation has just started; I ask parents to take special care and try to prevent unnecessary and severe injuries in their children as far as possible."

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