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Trampoline Injuries

Research conducted at Schneider Children's found that jumping on trampolines is more dangerous for children under the age of 6
Date: 08.11.22 | Update: 05.12.22

New research by Schneider Children's concerning trauma in children caused by trampolines has shown that children under the age of 6 years suffer more injuries than those aged 6-18 years, Furthermore, the severity of injuries among adolescents is greater, while 2/3 of complex fractures requiring surgery resulted from commercial trampolines compared with 1/3 due to home trampolines.

The study was based on 246 cases of trampoline injuries registered at Schneider Children's over recent years. Among these, 53% were in the lower limb, 36% in the upper limb, and 8% occurred in the spine. Children under the age of 6 suffered more injuries in the lower limb than those aged 6-18, while children aged 6-12 were injured more in the upper limb than those under the ages of 6 and over 12 years. 46% of all cases had fractures, of which 27% required surgery and some 50% required long-term follow-up. Most of the injuries in children under 6 years of age were caused on home trampolines compared with those over 6 who were mainly injured on commercial trampolines.

Dr. Lee Fuchs, pediatric orthopedist at Schneider Children's who headed the research, said that "among all the children arriving at the ER, 1% of injuries are caused by trampolines. The more severe injuries are mainly from commercial trampolines because of the capability of higher jumps. The results of the study prove that jumping on trampolines is not recommended for children under the age of 6, and we advise parents not to allow small children to jump with the older ones on commercial trampolines since the thrust can lead to greater injury. Only one child should jump at a time and home trampolines should be enclosed with protective screens and sponge padding on the ground. In any event, an adult should be present at all times."


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