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WISH Joint Research

A delegation of 50 researchers from Schneider Children's visited the Weizmann Institute of Science launching WISH – joint research collaboration between the two institutions
Date: 19.09.22 | Update: 05.12.22

Credit: Spokesman, Weizmann Institute of Science

Fifty mulitdisciplinary health researchers from Schneider Children's visited the Weizmann Institute of Science as part of an agreement of collaboration signed between the two institutions called WISH (Weizmann Institute and Schneider Hospital). Heading the delegation was Dana Reznik, Director of the Research Authority at Schneider. The visitors were hosted by Prof. Eran Hornstein, Head of the Program for Health Initiatives at the Weizmann Institute of Science and WISH.

The objective of the visit was to view research being undertaken at Weizmann, and to participate in practical work meetings between researchers of both institutions with the aim of issuing joint applications for research grants. The collaboration resulted from a meeting of scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and physicians at Schneider Children's during which mutual interests arose in the study of growth and development processes in children and adolescents, the prevention of diseases, and various disorders in these and other realms. All understood the importance of integrating doctors in basic research that could lead to holistic solutions in the future. The venture is supported by a generous contribution from a joint fund of the Weizmann Institute and Schneider Children's for clinical discoveries through scientific collaboration in the name of Dr. Gilbert Uman and Martha Darling.

According to Dr. Efrat Bron Harlev, CEO of Schneider Children's, "the collaboration between Schneider Children's and the Weizmann Institute accords a link between theoretical science and applied medical science, which could lead in the future to a real change in medicine and the health of children in Israel and the world, who are indeed our future."

Prof. Hornstein noted that "we are currently advancing four competitive grant proposals in order to accelerate research collaboration between the Weizmann Institute and Schneider Children's. Alongside the joint research program which will comprise two partners from each institution, we are initiating a plan to subsidize use of advanced molecular technologies, a research study for rare genetic diseases to be headed by Prof. Maya Schuldiner, and a program to encourage doctors to spend a year in research as part of a post-doc degree. I have full faith that these varied activities will strengthen the breadth and depth of research connected to pediatric medicine."


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