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Colorectal Surgery Week

Marathon surgeries were conducted at Schneider Children's to correct complex colon disorders, led by Dr. Inbal Samuk, and together with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Mark Levitt, from Washington Children's Hospital
Date: 02.02.22 | Update: 13.02.22

In the Operating Room

"Colorectal Week" took place at Schneider Children's under the aegis of the Pediatric Surgery Department headed by Dr. Dragan Kravarusic, and led by Dr. Inbal Samuk, Director of the Colorectal Center.


Complex colorectal operations were performed in infants and children who were referred to Schneider Children's from all over the country following problems that arose after their first surgery. Rehabilitative surgeries of the lower digestive and urogenital systems were also conducted. Dr. Levitt was invited specially to participate in the operations together with Dr. Samuk.


During the week, a conference was held for parents of children with colorectal disorders where topics connected to long-term quality of life for children with congenital disorders of the digestive system were discussed.


Dr. Samuk noted that "the Colorectal Center at Schneider Children's treats infants, children and adolescents from all over the country. They suffer from congenital disorders or diseases of the bowel and anus and inability to pass stools. Treatment is tailor-made for each patient based upon condition, treatment history, imaging tests and cooperation with various specialists as part of a multidisciplinary approach.


"During the week, we performed several complex operations together with Dr. Levitt, who we were happy to host at our hospital. At the parents' conference, we were also able to offer parents coping tools for the challenges they face."


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