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2021 Stats

Schneider Children's summarized the demanding year of 2021 with medical successes, life-saving surgeries, progress in research and care of children suffering from post-corona symptoms, and plans ahead for another challenging year in 2022
Date: 27.12.21 | Update: 12.01.22



  • 54,000 children were treated in the Emergency Medicine Department (ER)

  • 32 infants and children were connected to the ECMO machine that replaces the function of the heart and lungs, among them 4 children who contracted corona or suffered from corona complications

  • 13,977 hospitalizations were registered in the various departments of the hospital amounting to approximately 74,183 hospitalization days

  • 38 organ transplantations were conducted among them two children aged 9 and 11 who underwent heart transplants, 19 children who were liver recipients, the youngest of which was 5 months old, and 17 children who received kidney implants, the youngest of whom was two-years-old whose kidney was an altruistic donation. In addition, 38 children underwent bone marrow transplantations

  • 12,260 surgeries were conducted including 430 cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries, and 276 neurosurgeries, among them an operation in a 15-year-old who suffered from epilepsy and remained awake during the procedure to extract areas of the brain causing seizures

  • 1,301 hemodialysis treatments were conducted in the Dialysis Unit

  • More than 700 cardiac catheterization were performed among them the first time in the world that the procedure was conducted with the Holoscope-i system, displaying a 3D hologram enabling the doctor to obtain comprehensive information in real time

  • 879 premature infants were treatment in the Neonatology Department including 138 preemies under 1.750 kg in weight

  • 951 children were treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and 590 children were treated in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • 225,000 visits were registered in the various clinics and institutes

  • 50 hard-of-hearing children began to hear following cochlear implants in the ENT Unit and rehabilitation in the Audiology Institute

  • 250 research papers were published in professional literature; currently, there are 700 active studies, among them 150 new research studies which started during 2021: one of them will be conducted in space as part of the Rakia Mission by Eytan Stibbe, the second Israeli to go into space, and by a team of researchers from Schneider together with children being treated for cancer

  • 49 youth wrote their matric school examinations during their hospitalization at Schneider

  • Schneider Children's appeared in about 3,000 articles, stories and interviews in the various media outlets

Schneider Children's comprises 270 beds, among them 33 for day care, and employs 1,670 doctors, nurses, para-medical professionals, lab technicians, administration and service employees who make every effort to promote the recovery and health of children in their care. During 2021, 30 more beds were added to treat children hospitalized with coronavirus.

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