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Corona Research Initiated at Schneider Children's

Serological research has been initiated to examine the level of Corona antibodies in children; parents of children in treatment at the hospital are invited to contact the attending team
Date: 15.08.21 | Update: 19.08.21

In light of the increase in the incidence of corona, and in anticipation of the upcoming school year, Schneider Children's has joined the national effort to gather updated information regarding the condition of corona in Israel, and has initiated a targeted study in children.

The objective of the research is to understand the status of vaccinated children in the country. The study will show, via serological tests, whether antibodies are present in asymptomatic children who have recovered from corona and who were unaware that they were sick, as well as the percentage rate among the population. In addition, the serological test will accord insight into the volume of antibodies in those children. The research will be accomplished through blood samples taken within the framework of medical care at Schneider Children's, without the need for any additional finger pricks.

All patients will be involved in the study, among them children of all ages and sectors who have recovered from corona, or who were vaccinated against corona, or those who did not become ill from corona. Parents of children being treated at Schneider Children's who are interested in participating in the research can contact the attending team in the hospital.


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