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UAE Ambassador Visits

The Ambassador visited the hospital as part of the collaboration signed between the Ministry of Health and Clalit Health Services and the UAE
Date: 11.07.21 | Update: 29.07.21

From L to R: Itai Sinai of the UAE Embassy in Israel, Nurit Baruch, Director of Nursing, Dr. Efrat Bron-Harlev, CEO, Jassem Alhussani, Consul at the UAE Embassy in Israel, Dr. Sivan Ahitov, Deputy Director, and Dr. Omer Niv, Deputy Director


The distinguished Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Israel, Mohammed Al Hajeh, was welcomed by a delegation of senior officers at Schneider Children's during his visit on July 8, 2021.


The visit followed the historic medical collaboration agreement that was signed recently in Abu Dhabi between Clalit, the UAE Ministry of Health and Dhaman, Abu Dhabi's national medical insurance company and the largest medical insurance company in the UAE. The partnership includes the development of joint initiatives for the advancement of remote medical care, meetings for the exchange of knowledge, consultations, and various treatments in Clalit's top medical centers, among which is Schneider Children's.

During the visit, CEO of Schneider, Dr. Efrat Bron-Harlev, introduced the distinguished guests to the hospital, accompanied them on a tour of departments, and showed them the new glass building extension under construction due to open within two years, which will embody the latest medical advancements.

UAE Ambassador Al Hajeh said that "I was moved to meet the brave children dealing with complicated conditions in such an exceptional way. These children are a reminder to us all that we are obligated to leave a better world behind us for them. The Abraham Accords and the many collaboration agreements that have resulted, among them in the field of health, will help children from all over the Middle East grow under a reality of peace and prosperity, and benefit from the most advanced medical care." The Ambassador also related to the innovative approaches used in the hospital which sees patients as children and not as "small adults", and aims to interpret methods of care into the language of the child.

Dr. Harlev noted that "we at Schneider are pleased to put into practice the vision to provide every child with the finest medical care and the best health. The potential of linking the efforts of the medical teams in Schneider to the treatment and health of children is the UAE is huge, and realizes the dream of a partnership to improve the health of children wherever they are."

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