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2020 Stats

Schneider Children's concludes a challenging year in 2020 with medical successes and life-saving surgeries while in the shadow of the coronavirus
Date: 31.12.20 | Update: 03.02.21

Schneider Children's concludes a challenging year in 2020 with medical successes and life-saving surgeries while in the shadow of the coronavirus.


  • 39,653 children were treated in the Emergency Medicine Department (ER)

  • 27 infants and children were connected to the ECMO machine that replaces the function of the heart and lungs, among them a 17-year-old youth who suffered complications from corona

  • 11,730 hospitalizations were registered in the various inpatient departments, amounting to some 64,500 hospitalization days

  • 36 organ transplantations took place in infants, children and adolescents including 2 heart transplants one of which was a heart transplant in Ron Geva, 16 liver transplants one of which was in a 15-week-old baby, the youngest infant in the country, and 18 kidney transplants

  • 30 infants, children and adolescents underwent bone marrow transplantations

  • Pediatric departments A and B were transformed into designated corona wards where 100 corona patients from all over the country were hospitalized, among them infants with their mothers; in a superb show of teammanship, staff from all sectors worked together in full harmony making every effort to ensure the health of patients and their families

  • 11,200 operations were performed of which 433 were cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries, 214 neurosurgeries among which was an 18-month-old whose neck was cut when she fell on broken glass on the floor in the supermarket and underwent emergency surgery to save her life

  • 1,308 hemodialysis treatments were conducted in the Dialysis Unit

  • 470 cardiac catheterizations and 387 vascular catheterizations were performed, among them an emergency catheterization in the brain in a 9-year-old who arrived in the ER with dissimilar pupils

  • 853 premature infants and newborns were treated in the Neonatal Department, of whom 106 weighed less than 1.750kg, and 37 sets of twins

  • 819 children were treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • 205,000 visits were registered in the outpatient clinics and institutes including about 10,000 digital consultations

  • About 300 children enjoyed use of imagery on a skymaster, which provided information and reduced anxiety prior to medical tests and procedures

  • 47 hard-of-hearing children heard properly for the first time after undergoing cochlear implantation and rehabilitation

  • Some 200 papers were published in professional literature; currently there are about 700 active research studies of which 220 are new investigations begun this year

  • 40 youngsters undertook their matriculation exams at Schneider Children's during their hospitalization

  • Approx 2,350 articles, interviews and reports appeared in the various media concerning Schneider Children's

Schneider Children's comprises 270 beds of which 33 beds are designated for Day Care Hospitalization, and has 1,500 employees including doctors, nurses and para-medical professions, lab technicians, administration and other sectors who make every effort to ensure the health and recovery of ill or injured children.



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