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Operation COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccinations began this morning at the hospital. Senior personnel were inoculated with success; additional staff will be vaccinated in the coming days
Date: 20.12.20 | Update: 24.12.20

The operation to vaccinate Schneider Children's employees against the coronavirus began with the inoculation of senior personnel. CEO Dr. Efrat Bron-Harlev, Director of Nursing Nurit Baruch, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit Prof. Itzik Levy, and department directors. They were followed by doctors, nurses, administration and general staff, volunteers, health professionals, students and all other employees wishing to be vaccinated.

The operation is headed by a multidisciplinary team of hospital, administrative and nursing management, infectious diseases specialists, disease prevention specialists, pharmacists and staff in the administrative, human resources and logistics sectors. Preliminary preparations included explanatory sessions in various forums, distribution of a video to employees, and setting up vaccination stations equipped with detailed listings of personnel.

Dr. Harlev said that "I am excited about our status and the good tidings that the vaccine brings. As physicians, we represent a personal example to patients, their families and the broader public. Being the leading pediatric hospital, our responsibility is two-fold and all-embracing because healthy children also means that parents and grandparents remain healthy, and therefore parents who are vaccinated will avoid infecting children."

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