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Corona Follow-Up Clinic Opens

The new clinic will respond to the growing incidence of side-effects in children who have recovered from corona
Date: 21.10.20 | Update: 25.10.20

Illness caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 in children is mostly mild, and those who contract the virus can be totally free of symptoms or suffer from fever, runny nose or pneumonia. However, growing reports indicate a broad range of symptoms in children that appear following their recovery from corona. The new Corona Follow-Up Clinic will provide a comprehensive response in treating these children.


The designated multidisciplinary clinic operates within the framework of the Day Care Hospitalization Department where children undergo broad evaluation by a specialist in infectious diseases. Where indicated, they are referred to other specialists for further assessment. The initial range of tests includes both heart and lung function, psycho-social and nutritional appraisals, a chest x-ray, complete blood count and lung function for children over 6 years of age. Further tests are conducted where needed.


Dr. Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Director of the Day Care Hospitalization Department at Schneider Children's noted that "to our relief, children contract the virus in a mild form compared to adults, and usually recover rapidly in a short time. Having said this, there are growing reports of children developing later complications from COVID-19, and therefore there is a need for a multidisciplinary long-term follow-up clinic".


The clinic is open to all members of the various HMO's in Israel, accompanied by the payment guarantee (Form 17).

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