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New Direct Line for ER Referrals

A new service will promote arrivals to the ER for emergency care while diminishing fears of arriving during the corona pandemic
Date: 16.08.20 | Update: 17.08.20

A 15-year-old youth suffered from sharp pains in his lower abdomen during the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak. At the time, the youngster and his family were in quarantine at home and obtained a telephone referral from a doctor to go to the ER. Because of fears of corona, they called a private hotline which indicated that they should avoid going to the ER for tests due to their being in quarantine. A few days later, the youth was brought to the ER at Schneider Children's suffering from a necrotic testis, and had to undergo an excision.

The global corona pandemic has caused much anxiety among the public leading them to avoid assessment and medical care even when they have been referred by a community doctor to the ER. The abovementioned case is just one of many which the team in the ER at Schneider Children's has seen in recent months: patients, who out of fear, decline to seek medical care and thus endanger their health and lives.

As a result, and in order to promote patient health, Schneider Children's has initiated a new direct telephone service to the ER where rapid and professional responses are provided by a senior physician. The aim is to answer any questions, diminish fears of arrival for medical treatment, and to accord the team in the ER time to prepare for the patient's arrival. After receiving a referralto the ER, the family can contact the service and discuss the situation with an ER physician. The doctor will assess the medical need and explain procedures during corona including isolation regulations regarding ventilation, and specifically regulations regarding suspected infections. Where needed, a specific time for arrival will be allotted or recommended so that a proper assessment can be made at the time of arrival. For instance, if the medical issue requires the consultation of a skin specialist, the morning hours would be assigned.

The telephone number is 03-9253251.

The service is open only for referrals to the ER, and will operate from 08:00 until 23:00.


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