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Be Careful of Fans!

During the course of one week, 4 children were treated in Schneider Children's Emergency Medicine Department (ER) due to various injuries to their fingers from inserting them into fans
Date: 10.08.20 | Update: 17.08.20

Four children were injured in one week from fans at home. They suffered from cuts and fractures in their fingers, and in one more severe case, a finger was partially amputated.


Dr. Eran Mashiach, who oversees the trauma and injury unit in the ER, said that "the multiple cases of finger injuries in children caused by fans at home  raises concern and demands parents' special attention. We are at the height of summer and the summer vacation, and due to the corona pandemic, many toddlers and children are at home for long hours. In order to minimize and avoid injuries from fans, they should be placed out of children's reach. Only fans with small apertures where fingers cannot be inserted should be purchased. Small children should always be supervised and not allowed to approach the fans since hair can also be caught inside leading to even greater injury."

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