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Coping with Corona

Short-term psychotherapy sessions are being offered to children and youth who are in distress due to the current crisis
Date: 26.07.20 | Update: 27.07.20

Over the past several months, global and local health networks have been coping with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Worldwide management of the virus of such a proportion has given rise to a crisis with health, emotional, economical and political ramifications across the board, as well as social, family and personal implications.

The corona crisis and its ramifications also greatly affect children and youth whose lives have suddenly changed and they have to cope with a new reality in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Many experience tension, anxiety, fear, isolation and depression. These emotions can be exacerbated against the background of an unstable economy and changed family activity, a different reality, lack of a secure place and a demand for social distancing.

The team of psychologists at Schneider Children's, headed by Dr. Orit Krispin, has offered a program of short-term advanced intervention to help cope with emotional distress, and emotional and social difficulties as a result of the crisis. The intervention program has been formulated in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at the Herzliya Multidisciplinary Center and includes 5 sessions with the child or adolescent, and where indicated, meetings with the parents.

The program is accompanied by medical advisors, and depending on the condition of the patient, psychiatric intervention is also offered. The intervention is based upon clinical knowledge and much research that has accumulated following targeted therapy at the hospital.

The service is offered within the framework of the Department of Medical Psychology at Schneider Children's. Patients are required to bring Form 17 (guarantee of payment). Sessions are provided one-on-one or long-distance via video or telephone according to health regulations and personal preference.

For further details, please contact the Psychology Clinic at Schneider Children's, Tel: 03-9253616.

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