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Parents! Keep Small Objects Away from Infants

Fast action by the team in the ER and ENT Department prevented complications and choking and saved the life of a 10-month-old
Date: 09.02.20 | Update: 10.02.20

A-10-month-old infant from Bnei Brak was brought by ambulance to Schneider Children's after his mother noticed that he began to cough and choke. The child was rushed to the ER headed by Prof Yehezkel Waisman, where he was treated by Dr, Nadin Knaan and Dr. Omer Niv.

Senior ENT specialist, Dr. Yonatan Reuven, was summoned to the ER and identified a foreign object in the child's pharynx, which required quick action to remove it before the child could inhale it into his airway passages. Using forceps, Dr. Reuven safely extracted the toy piece in its entirety. The child remained under observation and underwent an endoscopy to ensure that no other foreign body had been swallowed. He was discharged in good health thereafter.

Dr. Niv cautioned parents once again "to pay attention and watch small children closely. They should not be allowed to play with small objects, or with toys that can be broken apart and swallowed which might block the airway passages. Should a child swallow a foreign object, medical attention must be sought immediately or the child brought to the nearest ER."

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