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New Appointment: Dr. Dragan Kravarusic, Director of Surgery

The management of Schneider Children's Medical Center has announced the appointment of Dr. Dragan Kravarusic as Director of Surgery

Date: 03.02.20 | Update: 04.02.20

The management of Schneider Children's Medical Center has announced the appointment of Dr. Dragan Kravarusic as Director of Surgery. He will take over from Prof. Naftali Freud who retired

Dr. Kravarusic, a resident of Yavne, is married and the father of three children. Over the past 4 years, he served as the Director of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheba. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Director of the Department of Surgery at Schneider Children's.

Dr. Kravarusic immigrated to Israel from Serbia in 1993 as a young physician, specialized in general surgery at the Rabin Medical Center and sub-specialized in pediatric surgery at Schneider Children's. He underwent advanced training in minimal invasive surgery in Alberta, Canada, and gained further experience in the field at medical centers in the USA and Europe. Dr. Kravarusic is a member of IPEG (International Pediatric Endoscopy Group), a member of WOFAPS (World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgery) and a participant in scores of publications in leading medical journals. He also serves on the board of the Israeli Society of Pediatric Surgeons.

The Department of Surgery at Schneider Children's treats infants, children and adolescents from all over the country both pre- and post-op. The department comprises a multidisciplinary staff who have all specialized in surgical care and accompany each child from the moment of diagnosis, through preparatory stages, and following discharge. In addition to the inpatients section, there are various surgical clinics for assessment and follow-up care, and specialized clinics for laparoscopy, endoscopy and anorectal surgery, as well as a clinic for correcting chest distortions.

Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children's, stated that, "The hospital management and I congratulate Dr. Kravarusic upon his appointment as head of the Surgery Department. I am sure that his broad experience and skill gained over many years, and his personality, will add towards his success in his new position. At the same time, we extend our gratitude to Prof. Naftali Freud for his many years of service as head of the surgical department, and pay tribute to his diligence and contribution towards the hospital."


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