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3-hour-old preemie undergoes life-saving surgery

Premature infant has emergency surgery to correct a twisted colon, thus saving his life
Date: 02.01.20 | Update: 26.01.20

Esther, from Moshav Shafir in southern Israel, was in the 27th week of her pregnancy when she underwent a routine fetal ultrasound. The test raised suspicions of bloated bowel loops in the fetus. She was referred to the OBGYN Ultrasound Clinic at Kaplan Hospital, where further targeted tests were conducted. Doctors suspected that the fetus was suffering from a twisted colon, which causes life-threatening obstruction to blood flow, which requires immediate surgical intervention.

Esther was transferred to Beilinson Hospital where it was decided – in consultation with the surgical team at Schneider Children's – that an emergency Caesarian Section should be performed. That same day, in the 29th week of her pregnancy, Esther underwent an emergency C-section to save her infant son's life. The preemie was transferred to the Neonatal Department at Schneider Children's, where an x-ray confirmed the twisted colon. Following a series of pre-surgical tests, the infant underwent surgery at the age of just 3 hours.

The surgical team in the operating room - comprised of pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, anesthetists, nurses and technicians - made special preparations in order to perform the complex procedure in such a tiny premature infant. They succeeded in saving most of the infant's bowel by creating continuity between the healthy portions of the colon. The infant should be able to live a completely normal life like all other children.

Following the surgery, the preemie was transferred to the Neonatal Department for monitoring and recovery. Identifying a twisted colon in a fetus is extremely rare. The infant's life was saved due to the rapid and effective decision-making by the surgical staff alongside multidisciplinary collaboration.



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