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Excellence in Infection Control!

Schneider Children’s was accorded the “Grade of Excellence” in Infection Control based on the Ministry of Health’s 2019 national incentive model
Date: 02.01.20 | Update: 26.01.20

Schneider Children’s was accorded a “Grade of Excellence” in Infection Control based on the Ministry of Health’s 2019 national incentive model. The model measures and grades hospitals’ accomplishments in acquired infection control, adherence to required standards for minimization, and management and eradication of infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

The Incentive Model includes 28 measurements in 7 categories: professional and organization infrastructure; monitoring and instruction about hand hygiene and cleanliness; supportive measures for infection control; management protocols for microbiological samples; antibiotic management; monitoring infection results; and staff vaccinations.

The Infection Control Team at Schneider Children’s comprises Prof. Yitzhak Levy, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Dr. Meirav Mor, Director of Infection Control, and Sigalit Rosenfeld, Coordinator of Infection Control, invests much effort in promoting awareness, and conducts guidance to the medical, nursing and para-medical staff, hospital employees, and parents and children regarding simple hygienic habits to prevent the spread of infection.

Dr. Avinoam Pirogovsky, Deputy Director of Schneider Children’s, stated that "the grading was an impressive achievement and the direct result of the close cooperation among hospital staff, who are dedicated to the safety of our young patients, and their meticulousness concerning infection control. The fight against infection is part of our daily routine, and together we can contain the cycle of infections thus safeguarding out patients. I congratulate the team in the Infection Control Unit for their persistent, devoted and professional efforts".


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