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Esther Shmuelov, Recipient of Clalit CEO’s 2018 Award for Excellence

Esther Shmuelov, Head Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children’s, was awarded Clalit Health Services CEO’s Prize of Excellence for 2018 Outstanding Employees
Date: 16.04.19 | Update: 02.06.19

R-L: Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children's, Prof. Micky Scharf, Deputy Director and Head of Clalit's Hospital's Division, Prof. Ehud Davidson, Clalit CEO, Esther Shmuelov, Michael Oren, Deputy Director and Clalit Head of Human Resources and Acting Director of the General Community Division


Each year, Clalit Health Services holds an event to salute its outstanding employees and the best hospital among 8 districts and 14 hospitals. This year, there were 24 recipients of the prize who were selected for their dedication and personal achievement, their meticulous professionalism, and their compassion and humanitarianism that they display in the performance of their duties. Esther Shmuelov was one of the 24 recipients.

In lauding the recipients, Clalit CEO, Prof. Ehud Davidson, said that “I am honored to thank you for your efforts. You aspire to the highest peaks of achievement to ensure the finest care of your patients. The principle that guides you is to improve the situation of every person. Your roles engender inspiration so that you bring double value to every place that you are, your work, your teams of which you are a part, and your patients and their families. When these activities are conducted within a health environment, the provision of medical services, saving lives, advancing health with the highest standards showing humanity and compassion, are even more significant heralding greater success.”

In February 2019, Schneider Children’s held a ceremony for its outstanding employees where 5 employees received awards. Esther Shmuelov was one of the five recipients.

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