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Measles Outbreak

Schneider Children’s has issued instructions to parents and visitors following the rise in the onset of measles in the country
Date: 08.11.18 | Update: 20.12.18

Dear Parents,

The State of Israel is currently facing a significant increase in the onset of measles.
Measles is a contagious disease that can endanger the lives of our patients.
In order to protect them, Hospital Management will allow entry to the hospital only of those parents who have been vaccinated against measles. Parents, kindly check your vaccination history.

Visitors, who are suffering from fever or rash, will not be allowed to enter the hospital grounds.
Pregnant women and children visitors are requested not to enter the hospital for fear of exposure to patients suffering from measles.
These regulations have been issued by the Ministry of Health.

You are requested to behave responsibly to protect the health of our children.
The Management of Schneider Children’s Medical Center

 Measles is caused by infection of the measles bacteria (virus). The disease is characterized by three stages:
  1. Incubation period of 8-12 days from the moment of exposure until manifestation of first symptoms during which the bacteria multiplies internally without showing signs of the disease
  2. Unspecified symptoms for 3-5 days including high fever, runny nose, cough and inflamed eyes during which time most patients remain undiagnosed with measles, but the patient is contagious
  3. Typical symptoms for 7-10 days include rash with red spots that initially appear on the forehead and neck and spread over the body and finally the arms and legs

Most measles patients recover completely from the disease. Nonetheless, this is a serious and exhausting condition that can lead to complications such as infection of the middle ear, lung infections, diarrhea, and other conditions causing inflammation in the brain and even death. Small children with undeveloped immune systems are at greater risk of contracting complications from measles.


Measles is an airborne disease which spreads easily through the breath (coughs and sneezes) of infected people. The chance of contracting measles after exposure in an unvaccinated patient is over 90%. On average, one patient with measles can infect 12-16 people. 




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