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Psychological Medicine Department

The Psychological Medicine Department at Schneider Children’s has been crowned a national center of excellence by the hospitals’ division of Clalit Health Services
Date: 08.07.18 | Update: 25.07.18

Once every two years, Clalit Health Services selects outstanding Units and Departments from among its chain of 14 hospitals to promote medical standards and professional excellence.


Among the 19 departments and units recently selected as centers of excellence was Schneider’s Department of Psychological Medicine due to achievements in treatment, research, technology and medical care. The team in the department, headed by Prof. Silvana Fennig, treats children and adolescents from all over the country, who suffer from complex problems involving functional and emotional difficulties. Their worldview is based upon the humanistic principle, complete cooperation with the child and his family, and full transparency concerning the therapeutic program. The department aims to provide a broad multidisciplinary medical response that integrates body and soul as one entity, honors the dignity of the individual, maintains quality and safety of care, and full responsibility for the child and his family.


Several targeted clinics for specific mental health disorders in children and adolescents comprise the department, among them Depression and Suicide; Anxiety; Tourette Syndrome and Tics; Post Trauma; Selective Violence; Developmental Disorders with emotional morbidity; Biofeedback and Hypnosis; Parental Authority; Learning Disabilities; Family Therapy; multidisciplinary ADD; Body-Soul Integration; pre-Surgery Bariatric for Chronic Obesity; and General Psychiatry. In addition, the Crisis Intervention Inpatient Unit treats a wide range of psychiatric disorders and body-soul difficulties. Treatment for Eating Disorders includes a clinic, day care and hospitalization, allowing continuity of care all in one location. Departmental staff also provides mental health counseling services to other departments, clinics and the ER.


Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s said that “I am pleased that the Department of Psychological Medicine at Schneider was recognized by Clalit. I am proud of the staff’s broad activities, development of innovative techniques and emphasis on excellence in research. Of particular note is their effort to reduce negative stigmas about the problems and difficulties regarding mental health.”


Noaz Bar Nir, CEO of Clalit, stated that “selecting centers of excellence is conducted according to a base scale of organizational distinction, academic achievement, service, and community collaboration. Clalit hospitals are among the professional and leading institutions in Israel, and provide integrative medical care. I am proud of the staff’s teamwork and applaud them and the directors who excel in their activities. Their efforts help us improve the quality of medical care and positively affect the welfare of our patients.”

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