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2017 Outstanding Employees

Prizes for the "2017 Employee of the Year" at Schneider Children's were awarded recently
Date: 25.02.18 | Update: 27.03.18

Prizes for 2017 Outstanding Employees were presented to Ilanit Poznansky, Head Nurse in the Department of Surgery at Schneider Children’s, who received the Clalit Director’s Award. The Hospital Director’s Prize was awarded to two individuals and to the FTT medical team in recognition of their diligence and initiative they displayed over the past year. The award ceremony took place recently.

Ilanit Poznansky has been employed at Schneider Children’s for over two decades. In January 2016, she was appointed head of nursing in the Pediatric Surgery Department where patients with all types of surgery are hospitalized, requiring a broad range of skills. Ilanit combines her duties with authority alongside sensitivity and patience towards both staff and child alike. Thus, she has contributed towards the excellent standards in the department. She is dedicated to her work and invests much effort in providing bed-ridden children and their parents with guidance and advice. Her success in this challenging role is excellent, and serves an example to staff in providing comprehensive and quality care to the children. Despite the heavy workload, Ilanit maintains a professional, pleasant and intelligent demeanor worth emulating among her colleagues in the department and beyond.

In addition, the Director’s Prize was awarded to Dr. Sara Elitzur, senior physician in the Hematology-Oncology Department. Dr. Elitzur started work at Schneider Children’s in 2005. In 2015, she was appointed head of hematology malignancies in children. Dr. Elitzur also serves as the clinical chair of national protocol for the treatment of severe lymphoblastic leukemia in children. Her leadership qualities allow her, in her quiet way, to promote teamwork among colleagues and other teams in order to attain the best objective.
Social Worker, Arva Ferrij, has worked in Social Services at Schneider Children’s since 2009, and is currently employed in the Hemato-Oncology Department. Arva combines professionalism and cultural sensitivity, and assists Arabic speaking patients to understand medical terminology while serving as a mediator between staff and patient. Arva uses all the professional tools at her disposal and achieves a high degree of satisfaction among her patients and their families.
The multidisciplinary FTT team comprises a broad selection of specialists who collaborate together in the Day Care Hospitalization Department and treats small children with eating difficulties and failure to thrive due to medical, emotional or environmental problems. The FTT team has achieved breakthroughs in its field and serves as the model and referral center for the training of other personnel who come to study the clinical model.

Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s, said at the ceremony, “Many employees at Schneider Children’s complete their duties with excellence, diligence and dedication, therefore the process of selecting the Outstanding Employees is always filled with difficult choices. Outstanding Employees are selected due to their high interpersonal capabilities, broad professional knowledge, respect, dedication and sensitivity that they display to their young patients, family and friends. I am proud to award these prizes to our worthy employees.”

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