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Int’l Occupational Therapy Day

Date: 22.10.17 | Update: 11.12.17

An exhibition of photographs illustrating the unconventional methods and tools used for OT was displayed in the lobby of the hospital. Each photograph, taken by and from the standpoint of the occupational therapist during therapeutic intervention, depicts different aspects of function in babies and children: play, eating, drawing and other daily activities. They also underscored the leading approach applied at Schneider Children’s: Client Centered Approach.


Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitative discipline aimed to provide the child with tools and skills to allow him to function better and independently every day. The team in the Occupational Therapy service at Schneider Children’s specializes in using various diagnostic methods in child development, treating children with sensory regulation disorders , perception and cognitive function, evaluation and treatment of babies and children with eating and swallowing disorders, cognitive evaluation before and after neurosurgery, fitting splints before and after surgery in the upper back, rehabilitiation and more.


Photographs from the exhibition:

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