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Forgetting Kids in Cars

Doctors offer tips to avoid the next tragedy during the hot summer months.
Date: 26.07.17 | Update: 30.07.17

A one-year-old toddler was recently brought to the Emergency Department at Schneider Children’s after he was forgotten in a car for 40 minutes. After treatment, his condition stabilized. Following this incident, and in anticipation of days of intense heat during the summer months, specialists in the hospital’s ER urge parents to do everything possible to prevent such a situation from occurring and recommend that special habits be adopted to avoid the next tragedy:


  • Arrange in advance to message your spouse or someone else once the child has been left at kindergarten or other destination
  • Leave your cellular phone or briefcase/handbag on the rear seat next to the child
  • Download an app that warns against forgetting the child in the car once you exit the vehicle. The Waze app also has a reminder feature called “child in car”
  • Try not to remain outside during the heat of the day, wear appropriate clothing, a hat and drink sufficient water
  • Avoid exerted physical exercise during the heat of the day and a heatwave


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