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New Service: Hyper-Salivation Treatment

A new service was recently introduced at Schneider Children’s for the assessment and care of children suffering from hyper-salivation (excessive production of saliva)
Date: 11.06.17 | Update: 06.07.17

The team of multidisciplinary specialists will diagnose, treat and provide an individual treatment plan for the comprehensive follow-up care for children, each according to his needs and abilities. They comprise neurologist Dr. Eilat Halevi, pulmonologist Dr. Dario Price, otolaryngologist Dr. Roi Hod, occupational therapists Yuliana Eshel and Adi Cooper, and communications clinician Yifat Nitzan.

Hyper-salivation causes excessive drooling from the mouth that is common in infants, usually connected with the appearance of teeth. It can occur up to age two among toddlers who have not yet learned control of this oral neuromuscular function. It is abnormal among children over 4 years of age and requires medical intervention. Hyper-salivation is considered abnormal in children with developmental disorders from the age of 6.

The phenomenon can cause functioning , social and psychological difficulties as well as oral infections in the child and can lead to coughing, choking, vomiting and even aspirations. There are various causes including dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), unstable jaw and muscle weakness.

Children with hyper-salivation mostly suffer from complex conditions such as cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, congenital disorders of the pulmonary and digestive systems, facial or throat disorders, and therefore it is not considered a significant problem and treated. The new service will provide a response to this condition in order to improve the quality of life of these children and their families.

Referrals from medical professionals can be sent via fax to 972-3-9253871 or via email [email protected]


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