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Zero-Tolerance for Violence

Following the shocking murder of nurse Tova Kararo of blessed memory, the Anti-Violence Committee at Schneider Children’s called an emergency meeting to discuss increasing violence against medical teams
Date: 15.03.17 | Update: 20.03.17

Participants emanating from all hospital sectors and services expressed their fears of the prevailing climate of violence which affects their daily duties and emanates from an impatience existing in all spheres of life in the Israeli reality. Some even emphasized their sense that no-one in the services sector is immune to incidents of violence.

Dr. Avinoam Pirogovsky, Deputy Director of Schneider Children’s, stated that “as a society, we have lost our human conscience. Our people deal daily with impatience and violence. We will continue to work to ensure the safety of our dedicated employees at Schneider Children’s and we declare unequivocally that this must stop – zero tolerance for violence”!

In addition to the meeting, a variety of explanatory gatherings took place in morning departmental meetings, and nurses stopped their duties to participate in the lighting of memorial candles for the late Tova Kararo.

Nurit Baruch, Director of Nursing at Schneider Children’s, added that “as directors, we are obliged to provide protection and ensure a secure work environment where all personnel can deliver the best treatment possible. The murder incident was exceptional, sharp and extreme. Having said that, we witness violence of all kinds by patients and their families towards medical personnel. If only the late Tova Kararo would be the last victim of violence.”


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