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2016 Outstanding Employees

Prizes for the "2016 Employee of the Year" at Schneider Children's were awarded recently
Date: 05.03.17 | Update: 06.03.17

In recognition of their exemplary diligence and quality of care throughout the past year, 6 prizes for 2016 Outstanding Employees were presented at a recent ceremony.

The Clalit Director’s Award was received by Prof. Hannah Tamary, Director of the Hematology Department at Schneider Children’s. Prof. Tamary resides in Raanana, is married and a mother of 2. As head of a department recognized nationally for its unique professionalism and high standards of care, Prof. Tamary has developed methods of diagnosis and treatment of oncology diseases. She discovered the gene responsible for hematological diseases among the Bedouin population. The department serves as a magnet for residents from all over the country because the knowledge gained in the department is unavailable elsewhere in Israel. Over and above her work at the hospital, Prof. Tamary is an authority on early pre-natal diagnosis of Thalassemia to prevent severe morbidity in children reducing the burden of treatment and heavy economic responsibility.

She actively conducts research and advances clinical studies concerning new drugs not included in the basic health basket. Prof. Tamary is a world-renowned expert in pediatric hematology and is acknowledged in professional societies around the globe. She is also considered among the top researchers in her field.

The Hospital Director’s Prize was awarded to two employees and one medical team: Adi Shifeldrim from the Neonatology Department, who is a registered nurse and clinical facilitator; Sharon Valeni, head of the secretarial pool in the Neurology and Child Development Department, and the pharmaceutical team, whose professionalism and caring contributes much to the quality of care and services provided in the hospital.

Tribute awards were presented to Nava Gofar, a registered nurse who heads “Schneider in the Community” in Ashdod, and the Physical Therapy team who received the highest marks in patient satisfaction surveys.

Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s, noted that “many employees at Schneider Children’s perform their tasks with great professionalism, loyalty and devotion. This makes the process of selecting outstanding employees not an easy task. I am proud to participate in presenting the prizes to these worthy employees.”


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