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“Schneider’s Children”

To mark its 25th Anniversary, Schneider Children’s published a historical review of pediatric care worldwide and in Israel in particular, emphasizing the huge contribution of the medical center to pediatric care
Date: 22.01.17 | Update: 13.02.17

Schneider Children’s marked its 25th anniversary as the only medical center of its kind in Israel and a leader in pediatrics in the Middle East in a unique fashion. A new book was published entitled “Schneider’s Children” that describes the history of Schneider Children’s since its founding, the landmark events that led to the establishment of the unique medical center, the vision of its founders, and its breakthrough achievements in clinical arenas and research.

Over and above, the book discusses the consolidation of Schneider Children’s undisputed status as the leader in pediatric medicine in Israel. The book was edited by Itai Bachor and includes historical research, literary writing and photographs based on hospitalized children’s artwork at Schneider Children’s over the years.

The publication comprises three eras. The first includes a broad review - the first of its kind in Hebrew - about the history of pediatrics and children’s hospitals around the world and in Israel; the historical ground on which Schneider Children’s was built and from where it emerged to change the face of pediatric medicine in the country. The second section deals with the construction of the hospital and the difficulties and objections encountered, and describes the persistence and determination until success was attained. The third part explores the accomplishments of Schneider Children’s as the leader and model of pediatric medicine in Israel, according to which treatment and care of children in Israel and abroad is planned and based.

Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s, noted that “twenty five years is a significant period, not only in the life of man but also in the life of the hospital. ‘Schneider’s Children’ was written because of the desire to commemorate the huge effort and to pay tribute to so many people whose lives have been intertwined with Schneider Children’s over the past quarter century since its inception.” 

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