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“Braveheart” Medals

In order to boost the morale of children hospitalized for lengthy periods of time in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, they are presented with “Braveheart Medals”
Date: 15.01.17 | Update: 08.02.17

Children are hospitalized in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children’s for various lengths of time, many in life-threatening conditions following surgery. Some are discharged only after prolonged periods. In order to boost their morale after this difficult experience, the staff devised an innovative plan to transform their hospitalization into a journey of the brave.

On the day of his discharge home, the child and his family are invited to a festive ceremony arranged by the staff: to sounds of praise and loud applause, the child alights a decorated podium and members of staff place a medallion around his neck while presenting him with a certificate attesting to the end of his hospitalization and naming him a “Braveheart” who endured his hospitalization with a smile, courage and heroism. In many cases, other hospitalized children in the CICU join in the celebration and watch the proceedings with their parents. Participation in this happy event strengthens the child along his personal journey and marks his discharge is a special achievement.

The CICU, headed by Prof. Ovdi Dagan and Head Nurse Rim Abd El Hai, annually treats hundreds of infants, children and youth from all over the country and abroad who suffer from complex cardiac diseases. Some are infants under one year of age. About 70% of children born with congenital heart defects undergo surgery and are treated in the CICU at Schneider Children’s, which conducts the majority of pediatric heart transplants in Israel. The CICU supports a comprehensive approach whereby the staff accompanies the child and his parents from the moment of arrival at the hospital until his discharge home.  

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