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Channukah at Schneider

A huge 6,000-balloon “Dreidel” (spinning top) was erected in the lobby of Schneider Children’s to coincide with the first night of the Channukah Festival
Date: 25.12.16 | Update: 02.01.17

The spinning top was installed at the initiative of the “Hope & Recovery” charitable organization that supports the Nephrology Institute in the hospital, and “Assaf Balloons”. The dreidel comprised 6,000 balloons, about 15 meters high, and was designed and engineered by the artisan “Assaf Balloons”. It was installed by volunteers from “Hope & Recovery”, assisted by volunteers in the Police Rescue Unit who usually participate in rescue operations but were recruited for this special endeavor.

Hospitalized children and their families gazed in wonderment at the huge and impressive spinning top, and took many photographs. Preparations began on Saturday night and concluded in the early hours of Sunday morning. The aim was to cheer and encourage children spending the holiday in hospital.

“Hope & Recovery” supports the Institute of Nephrology and the Dialysis Unit at Schneider Children’s through the organization of various activities for the children and assists families. “Assaf Balloons” volunteers for the charity and undertakes special projects in hospitals around the country. 




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