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Marathon Organ Transplantations, Round 2

For the second time in one week, Schneider Children’s conducted marathon organ transplantations, saving the lives of 3 children
Date: 21.12.16 | Update: 02.01.17

For the second time in one week, Schneider Children’s conducted a marathon series of organ transplantations, saving the lives of 3 children. Within 24 hours, 3 children underwent life-saving organ transplantations that included a liver and two kidneys.

A 19-month-old toddler from the north underwent the liver transplant; a kidney was transplanted in a 4-year-old girl from the center of the country, and a second kidney transplant was performed in a 3-year-old boy from Jerusalem. The operations were all successful and the children were transferred in a stable condition to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for further care.

The transplant operations were conducted by a team in the Organ Transplantation Department at Schneider Children’s. The liver transplant was performed by Dr. Michael Gurevich, senior transplant surgeon and Dr. Sigal Eisner, senior surgeon, together with Dr. Yaakov Katz, Director of the Surgical Suite and anesthetists Dr. Igor Tzunzer and Dr. Aviv Tutenauer. The transplants were coordinated by transplant coordinators, nurses Michal Shafir and Naomi Zanhandler.

Just a week previously, 4 children had undergone life-saving organ transplantations of a heart, liver and two kidneys at Schneider Children’s.


Schneider Children’s conducts the majority of organ transplantations in children in Israel. Since its inception, over 500 heart, lung, liver and kidney transplants have been performed in infants, children and adolescents with a rate of success on a par with leading medical institutions in the world.


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