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Int’l Child’s Day

As with every year, International Child’s Day 2016 was marked at Schneider Children’s by the Committee for the Protection of the Child
Date: 27.11.16 | Update: 08.12.16

Under the slogan “Everyone with a Finger on the Pulse”, International Child’s Day at Schneider Children’s was aimed to raise awareness about the importance of being alert to the prevention and presence of distress and injury in children. A presentation was made at the hospital by Adv. Vered Windman, CEO of the Committee for the Protection of the Child, who outlined the activities of the Committee and progress made on the legal and legislative levels regarding medical care for children at risk.

Among the activities that were arranged in the lobby of the hospital, were photographs of children and parents printed on magnets with the slogan “Finger on the Pulse”, printed materials regarding preventing distress in children and utilizing proper communication and listening skills. Children received a booklet entitled “Cutie Pie for the Child” prepared by the Committee at Schneider Children’s which included fun activities and information.

The Committee for the Protection of the Child at Schneider Children’s accompanies and counsels staff regarding children arriving for treatment at the hospital where there is suspicion of abuse or neglect. The Committee also aims to raise awareness and guide staff members about child abuse and neglect.

The Committee comprises chair, Dr. Rama Schwartz; senior physician in the ER; committee coordinator and social worker in the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Efrat Harel; Dganit Ben Nissan, chief psychologist in the Institute of Child Development; and Idit Ronen, a member of the hospital’s Nursing Management.



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