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Int’l Occupational Therapy Day

International Occupational Therapy Day was marked at Schneider Children’s on October 27th by staff in the OT Service, headed by Yuliana Eshel
Date: 30.10.16 | Update: 28.11.16

On October 2, 2016, int’l OT Day was marked at Schneider Children’s. OT staff welcomed visitors in the hospital’s lobby with a huge array of baskets concealed with tools of the trade. An ice-cream stand was donated for the event by Ben and Jerry’s, and after receiving a complimentary helping, children and their families as well as hospital employees were exposed to exciting, challenging and educational activities accompanied by explanations about the exercises from the standpoint of OT and their importance in our daily routines.

Throughout the morning, occupational therapists maintained an “open door” where employees were invited to come for advice on any topic concerning their child’s development from the age of nursing to adolescence.

Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitative discipline which provides the child with tools and skills to allow him to function better and more independently in daily life. The team in the Occupational Therapy Service at Schneider Children’s specializes in comprehensive evaluations of child development, treatment of children with sensory adjustment difficulties, cognitive and perception functions, assessment and treatment of infants and children with difficulty in eating and swallowing, cognitive evaluations pre- and post-neurosurgical operations, fitting splints prior to and following upper limb procedures, rehabilitative care, and more.


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