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Spurring Growth

Schneider Children’s reported the positive results of a year-long clinical trial to evaluate a formula developed at the hospital for spurring growth in children
Date: 07.11.16 | Update: 20.11.16

Schneider Children’s reported the positive results of a year-long clinical trial to evaluate a formula developed at the hospital for spurring growth in children. Results showed a definite increase in height and weight of children who consumed the formula but no increase in BMI (Body-Mass-Index), and proved that the formula supports linear growth without weight gain. The findings were published in the prestigious scientific Journal of Pediatrics in September 2016.

The current research was a continuation of the initial 6-month study published previously and conducted by a team of specialists at Schneider Children’s headed by Prof. Moshe Phillip and Prof. Raanan Shamir. The first stage of the double blind study comprised a group of 200 healthy children aged 3-9 with short stature and weight beneath the 10th percentile of the height:weight ratio. During the second stage of the research, 150 children - all prior participants in the first stage - received the nutritional formula. Of these, 129 completed the course. The study focused on healthy children of short stature but low weight rather than undernourished children in developing countries as in the case of most previous global research.

The results of the research demonstrate that “good” consumers of the formula (who consumed over 50% of the recommended dosage) during both stages of the trial considerably improved their height and weight while maintaining their BMI. There was a correlation between the amount of formula consumed per body kg and the improvement in height and weight without any significant negative side-effects.

The nutritional formula was developed following years of research into the relationship between nutrition and growth, and the mechanisms responsible for gaining height, while taking into account the known link between proper nutrition, growth and weight gain. The formula is low in fats and rich in proteins compared with other products available in the market today.


The formula is marketed by NG Solutions which licensed the international firm of GlaxoSmithKline to distribute the product worldwide. It is sold in Israel by Hadassah Baumel Pharmacies and Teva Ltd. under the label of Pro Up.
Due to the success of the earlier research, a new study is currently underway at Schneider Children’s to spur growth among short-stature healthy older children. The research is aimed at girls from the age of 9 and boys from the age of 10, whose height and weight fall beneath the 10th percentile.

Prof. Moshe Phillip, Director of the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Schneider Children’s, said that “we are satisfied that the second stage of the clinical research showed an improvement in the weight and height of underweight and short stature children without any increase in BMI. This indicates that our nutritional formula, the result of broad scientific research, encourages growth in children. Short stature and underweight children are prevalent not only in low income populations, but also in developed countries and the middle classes. Our products can improve the nutrition of children worldwide, and help solve one of the main causes affecting children’s health and their ability to thrive. This is the only safe solution for healthy, but short stature and underweight children who do not meet the criteria for growth hormone treatment or decline to receive it.”

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