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Turkish Infant’s Life Saved

Date: 05.06.16 | Update: 20.06.16

The child had previously undergone cardiac surgery in Turkey that was only partially successful as he still suffered from severe cardiac dysfunction. He was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit for several weeks. Doctors diagnosed another rare defect in his upper airway passages that led to a severe and dangerous infection in his throat and chest cavity. The child underwent a series of operations by ENT specialists until his condition stabilized. Thereafter, he was treated by a multidisciplinary team including specialists in ventilation, and violent and resistant bacteria. When his condition allowed, the child underwent complex cardiac surgery, this time with success, during which one of his heart valves was replaced with an artificial valve. He was discharged a few days ago.

Schneider Children’s is the only tertiary care center of its kind in Israel providing the full range of pediatric services under one roof. According to Dr. Nahum, “I was very excited the day the baby was discharged from our department and went back to his home in Turkey. He had arrived in a life-threatening condition with a complex medical history. I am proud that the ICU’s professional and humanitarian care saved his life.”

Schneider Children’s receives referrals from all over the country and the world, and fulfills the vision of its founders to serve as a Bridge to Peace. The inscription on the Foundation Scroll signed in 1988 states that “this hospital is dedicated to the basic right of every child to live a healthy life in a peaceful world.”

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