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Dr. Zvi Bar-Sever, Prestigious International Appointment

Dr. Zvi Bar-Sever, Director of the Nuclear Medicine Institute at Schneider Children’s, has been elected to head the Board of the Pediatric Imaging Council of the American Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI)
Date: 23.05.16 | Update: 30.05.16

The new position comes in addition to his role as Chair of the Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Council of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM). Both SNMMI and EANM serve as leaders in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and comprise tens of thousands of members worldwide.

Nuclear medicine scans are highly sensitive and provide information about the physiological and biochemical function of tissues and organs. They are crucial to the early diagnosis of diseases by monitoring and assessing reactions to treatment. This diagnostic information is essential in many medical specialties including oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology and neurology. Nuclear Medicine also deals with treatments through radioactive isotopes, mainly for malignancies.

Pediatric Nuclear Medicine developed as a subspecialty for children as scans are more difficult than adult imaging due to adjustments required for each child according to his size, level of compliance and the medical enquiry itself. As a result, the specialty demands unique and high standards of skill by the medical and technical team. Similarly, reading children’s scans requires a broad range of knowledge about pediatric diseases and the changes in imaging studies due to normal growth and development factors. As the only one of its kind in the country, the Institute of Pediatric Nuclear Imaging at Schneider Children’s heads the field in Israel, and receives referrals from all over.

Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s said that “I congratulate Dr. Zvi Bar-Sever on this prestigious appointment, which places us in the forefront of global science and medicine and represents a great honor for the hospital. I have no doubt that this appointment will advance the field worldwide and propel us forward.”

       Dr. Bar-Sever


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