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New Appointment: Prof. Gil Klinger

The management of Schneider Children’s has announced the appointment of the new director of the Department of Neonatology, Prof. Gil Klinger, who will replace Prof. Lea Sirota who retired
Date: 27.03.16 | Update: 07.04.16

Prof. Klinger, a resident of Ramat Hasharon, married and father of four, has been at Schneider Children’s since its inception in 1992. He previously served as Deputy Director of the Neonatal Department at the hospital, and before that as a senior physician. Prof. Klinger graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medical School and obtained a further degree in Health Networks Management from Tel Aviv University. He completed his residency at Schneider Children’s and his specialization in Neonatology and Clinical Pharmacology at the Hospital for SickKids in Toronto, Canada. Prof. Klinger also serves as the scientific chair of the National Institution for Low Birth Weight Data, and participates in national and international gatherings on topics of prematurity.

The Neonatology Department at Schneider Children’s is a tertiary neonatal center for infants from all over the country and treats about 1000 premature and newborns every year. The department receives infants with a broad range of medical disorders including complex respiratory illnesses, multisystem congenital defects, congenital heart defects, central nervous system defects, digestive tract defects, chromosone and metabolic disorders, and very low birth weight infants.


Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children’s, stated that “the management and I congratulate Prof. Klinger on his appointment as Director of the Department of Neonatology. Prof. Klinger has been with the hospital since the beginning and I have no doubt that his skills, character and broad experience will bring him much success in his post. The Management also expresses its appreciation to Prof. Lea Sirota for her many years of productive care and leadership in the department and wish her good health and much success upon her retirement.”


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