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New Clinic Opens

A new multidisciplinary clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of children suffering from kidney stones was recently opened at Schneider Children’s
Date: 21.02.16 | Update: 07.03.16

The team will include pediatric urologists and nephrologists, a dietician and a nurse who will provide comprehensive services to children all in the same place.

The clinic was initiated by Dr. David Ben Meir, Director of the Urology Unit, senior urologist Dr. Roi Morag, Dr. Miriam Davidovits, Director of the Institute of Nephrology and senior nephrologist Dr. Shelly Levy.

Some 5% of the general population suffers from kidney stones, but in recent years, there has been a rise in the cases of kidney stones in general and in children in particular. Causes vary including obesity, increased use of sodium, eating low-calcium foods, insufficient drinking, and greater use of antibiotics. Children have been diagnosed in many cases with a genetic metabolic trait. Symptoms that might appear due to kidney stones are pain in the pelvic region, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, burning during urination, discomfort, difficulty in urinating, blood in the urine or radiating pain in the groin.

A clinical visit includes an evaluation of the need for surgical intervention, the metabolic causes for the production of the kidney stones, and renal function. Instructions are provided regarding nutrition and medications if needed. If there is a background of other illnesses, appropriate specialists in the hospital will be consulted.

Dr. Ben Meir said that “it is very important to provide comprehensive care under one roof to the child suffering from kidney stones. I am sure that the combination of all the various pediatric specialties in one clinic will significantly improve the success of treatment and also ease the burden of both child and family.”



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