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Bridge to Peace: Syria

A 5-year-old boy from Syria recently underwent open heart surgery at Schneider Children’s Medical Center to repair a congenital heart defect that suppressed the flow of oxygenated blood to his body tissues causing him to turn blue. The successful surgery saved his life
Date: 31.01.16 | Update: 07.03.16

The child and his mother passed through the Israeli border in coordination with the IDF’s Northern Command medical unit, and received initial attention at the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya. He was subsequently transferred to Schneider Children’s Institute of Cardiology headed by Dr. Einat Birk.

He was admitted to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit headed by Prof. Ovdi Dagan and Head Nurse Rima Abed El Hai. Following a cardiac evaluation, Dr. George Frenkel, head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit, conducted the open heart surgery.

The child’s mother said “I thank the staff at Schneider Children’s for treating my son with care and the doctors who saved my son’s life.”

Schneider Children’s treats children from all over the world and fulfils the vision of its founders to serve as a bridge to peace. In the foundation scroll of Schneider Children’s, signed in 1988 and buried beneath the buildings foundations, it is written that “this hospital is dedicated to the basic right of every child to live a healthy life in a world of peace.”

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