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Schneider Children's Tips for Shavuot

One of the most common traditions of the Shavuot Festival is the custom of eating dairy products and first fruits. Dafna Ziv Busani, clinical dietician in the Nutrition and Dietary Unit at Schneider Children’s, offers advice about enjoying festival favorites without gaining weight during the holiday
Date: 19.05.15 | Update: 14.12.15

Consumption of Dairy Products:
Shavuot is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and explain to children the importance of eating dairy products and enriching the diet with calcium. There is an abundance of dairy products with various levels of fat content. Low-fat dairy products can definitely replace those with a higher fat content without any significant difference in taste. Over recent years, many dairy products have been infused with bacteria and probiotics. These are considered friendly bacteria that can improve the digestive process among other benefits.

Dairy products are an excellent way to enrich our diet with calcium. It is important to consume at least three milk products a day and especially if they are calcium-enriched. Among the enriched items are white cheeses, hard cheeses (enriched with calcium but also with a higher fat content), yoghurt or milk enriched with calcium, and various milk-based drinks. In recent years, much research has focused on Vitamin D (really a hormone) which assists the body, among other functions, to effectively absorb calcium in the colon promoting both healthy bones and other objectives. Dairy products are enriched with Vitamin D, another reason to consume them at least three times a day.

Fruit and Vegetables:
Fruits and vegetables are just waiting to be picked and served on the table. This is the time to prepare a huge salad with lots of vegetables or to eat fresh and healthy fruits. From the nutritional standpoint, it is better to eat fresh fruit than to squeeze its juice or eat dried fruit. At the same time, it is important not to eat too much fruit since they contain sugar, as opposed to low-calorie vegetables. Cheese can be added to any salad.

One of the most popular Shavuot games is playing with water. Over and above the fun, it is important to remember to drink enough water. Our bodies are comprised mostly of water and thus water is important for its proper functioning. Water should be drunk throughout the day rather than a large quantity at once. Excess water is expelled by the body in healthy individuals, and thus it should be drunk throughout the day.


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