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Neuroimmunology Clinic Opens

Date: 07.06.15 | Update: 24.08.15

A new clinic for the treatment of children suffering from neuro-immunological disorders opened recently at Schneider Children’s. The clinic, headed by senior pediatric neurologist, Dr. Esther Ganlin-Cohen, is part of the Pediatric Neurology Institute and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-immunological diseases in children and advancing research in the field.

Neuro-immunology diseases are autoimmune inflammatory conditions of the Central Nervous System, such as multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, inflammation of the spinal cord and limbic encephalitis. Care focuses on a comprehensive evaluation that includes assessment of the child’s medical, developmental, physiological, emotional and social needs. The latest immune-modulatory medications (adapted for immune response) are prescribed individually where needed. Clinical staff treats various types of problems that arise in chronic disease and provides personal guidance and close follow-up of the child and his family.

According to Prof. Yoram Nevo, Director of the Institute of Pediatric Neurology at Schneider Children’s, “It is very important to provide a broad response to the child suffering from a neuro-immunological disease. We know that for the most part, a difficult period of acclimatization is required. The new clinic aims to serve as a home for children and their parents throughout the prolonged care of the chronic disease.”


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