Supporting Organizations

There are three main associations of friends which work in close cooperation with Schneider Children’s. Two are located in Israel: Friends of Schneider Children's and “Yeladim Shelanu” (Our Children), and the third, Medical Development for Israel, Inc., is located in New York. The three charities aim to promote the development of the hospital and to improve the welfare of hospitalized children. Another organization is also active on behalf of parent and family welfare: Ezer Mizion. The volunteer medical equipment loan organization, Yad Sarah, has an office in the building.

Friends of Schneider Children's

Friends of Schneider Children's is an association of friends which has been active on behalf of the hospital since 1992. It was founded in order to provide wide-ranging support for the hospital and to promote community awareness about its activities and the needs of the sick child.

Over the years, Friends of Schneider Children's has held a variety of fundraising events in Israel to assist in the acquisition of essential equipment, the funding of special projects and research grants. It has also assisted the development of departments in the hospital, specifically the Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgery, Urology, Otolaryngology as well as others.

As a registered non-profit association, Friends of Schneider Children's is comprised solely of volunteers - some of whom have been active since its inception - from the business, public and social communities. Yisrael Makov serves as its President, and Mr. Ronen Tov as the Chair of the Executive Committee. Contributions are directed to support the needs of the hospital as approved by Schneider Children's administration and the association.

For further information, please contact:
Friends of Schneider Children's
14 Kaplan Street, PO Box 559, Petach Tikvah 49202
Tel: 972-3-9253481, 972-3-9221748  
Fax: 972-3-9210784

Medical Development for Israel, Inc.

Medical Development for Israel, Inc., (MDI) was initiated in 1982 and was originally called MEREPHDI in the United States and Canada. The organization’s objectives are to raise funds for and promote the activities of Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, as well as to serve as its public relations arm in the United States. MDI is registered as a public charity 501 (c) (3) and all contributions are recognized by the US taxation authorities.

MDI's national Board of Directors is comprised of prominent Americans who share a dedication to its prime mission to support Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. MDI’s Board is headed by Lynn c. Schneider, Board President, Michael Lesser, MD,
Chair. Over the years, MDI has succeeded in raising millions of dollars on behalf of Schneider Children's and continues its valuable work with diligence, conscientiousness and devotion.

MDI is located at:
1345 Avenue of the Americas, 2 FL.
New York, NY  10105


Yeladim Shelanu Foundation

The “Yeladim Shelanu” Foundation (Our Children) has been active on behalf of Schneider Children’s since the medical center's inception. The organization consists of about 400 volunteers of all ages ranging from teenagers to senior citizens. They participate with great diligence in a variety of activities to assist hospitalized children and their families. Members of the managing committee include artists, entertainers, public personae, entrepreneurs and parents of patients.

The Foundation’s fields of activity include:

  • Support, encouragement and granting children’s requests
  • Assisting the medical, nursing and education staff in the different wards
  • Acquisition of medical equipment for various departments
  • Organizing birthday and holiday celebrations and distributing gifts
    at certain events
  • Creating opportunities for and arranging special fundraising events
  • The Starlight Room, a unique multimedia project, designed by architect Lynn Schneider

For further information, please contact:
Tel: 972-3-9253802
Fax: 972-3-9210885

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion, winner of the Israel prize in 2008, is Israel’s largest non-profit medical support organization. Since its establishment in 1979, Ezer Mizion has been offering medical assistance and support to patients and their families, the elderly, and people facing health challenges or crises, with the goal of giving coping tools and
assistance to overcome obstacles.

The guiding motto of Ezer Mizion is “Choosing Life” — the sincere will and tremendous effort to give every person, no matter who he is and how serious his situation, the opportunity to choose life and upgrade quality of life.

Ezer Mizion provides a broad range of programs and services, with a professional staff leading a network of more than 13,500 volunteers working from 55 branches in 31 cities across the country. More than 650,000 people of all backgrounds, sectors and ages benefit from Ezer Mizion services each year. Ezer Mizion provides many services for hospitalized patients and their families.

Ezer Mizion hospital liaison: Yomi Dzialowsky: 052-8728336

Areas of Assistance and phone numbers:

  • Shifts of volunteers to sit with the patient during his
    hospitalization: 03-614-4614

  • Volunteers to assist in homes where a family member is ill
    or hospitalized: 03-904-9990

  • Transport of the mobility impaired by ambulance: 03-614-4666

  • Transport of non-handicapped patients by volunteers in private
    vehicles: 03-614-4611 or 03-904-9990

  • Meals for people sitting with patients in the hospital (weekdays)
    and for families with a hospitalized family member: 03-614-4544

  • Cafeterias serving hot drinks and light refreshments to patients
    and their escorts in outpatient wards

  • Emotional support and assistance for patients and their families:
    03-927-7777 ext. 108

  •  Loan of medical, rehabilitative, and developmental equipment:

  • Medical counseling and referral: 03-614-4488

  • International Bone Marrow Donor Registry: 03-927-7774

  • Oranit cancer patient guest home – Ezer Mizion’s center for support and assistance to cancer patients. Oranit is a convalescent center that hosts cancer patients at no costs during their course of treatment. Thanks to Oranit, these patients are spared the discomfort of traveling long distances homeward at the end of a painful day of treatments. Instead, they can stay in comfortable, fully equipped guest suites a short distance from the hospital. Located at 40 Kaplan Street, Petach Tikvah.  Tel: 03-927-7777

Today, Oranit is Ezer Mizion’s center for all of its cancer support projects:
Support and assistance to cancer patients and their families in the hospital and
in the community, summer retreats for families in which a child or parent has cancer, birthday parties and other celebrations for children with cancer, loan of computers, "Make a wish" project, mentors for the sick child and his siblings, innovative therapies, support workshops, a range of social activities, and more.

Ezer Mizion Petach Tikvah branch: 33 Brenda Street. Hours:
Sun.-Thurs. 8 AM – 2 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM  Fri. – 9 AM -12 PM Tel: 03-904-9990

Schneider Children's expresses its deep appreciation to the supporting organizations, which assist us in improving the welfare of sick children
and their parents.