Endocrinology and Diabetes Institute

The Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes
National Center for Childhood Diabetes 

Director of the Institute:
Prof. Moshe Phillip

Deputy Director of the Institute
and Director of the Obesity Clinic:
Prof. Shlomit Shalitin

Senior Physicians:
Dr. Liat de Vries
Dr. Rachel Frumkin
Dr. Liora Lazar
Dr. Yael Lebenthal
Prof. Yossi Meyerovitch
Dr. Revital Nimri
Dr. Ariel Tenenbaum

Head Nurse (Diabetes):
Galit Shiovitch-Mantzuri

Head Nurse (Endo):
Galit Asher

Artificial Pancreas Project clip from World Diabetes Congress, 2-6th December 2013 in Melbourne, Australia


National Service for Childhood Diabetes

  • Professional medical consultation about diabetes, its treatment and
    prevention of complications
  • Nutrition Unit - specializing in correct nutrition in diabetes
  • Psychosocial counseling and treatment unit for patients, including
    individual accompaniment up to the community level and home
  • Education, instruction and treatment by experienced nurses of the Endocrinology and Childhood Diabetes staff
  • Advanced medical and technological counseling

General Endocrinology Service dealing with diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of infants, children and adolescents

  • Growth and Puberty: Growth and puberty disorders (early and late puberty, menstrual difficulties)
  • Nutrition: Nutritional disorders pertaining to growth and puberty (obesity, underweight)
  • Metabolic Disorders such as changes in the balance of calcium, phosphorous, etc.
  • Neuro-endocrinology: Treatment following surgery, radiation and/or tumors in the CNS

Follow-up and therapy in the Institute is conducted on a multidisciplinary basis.
The Institute actively conducts advanced basic and clinical research in all areas of Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Opening Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays, 08:00-16:00
Direct Telephone Number: 972-3-9253619, 972-3-9253618
Referrals: Referral from the attending physician
For emergencies, telephone call from the referring physician
Appointments: Through the Outpatient Appointment Service,
telephone: 972-3-9253210
Diabetes - Telephone: 972-3-9253619

Pediatric Endocrinology Forum (Schneider-ynet) supervised by Prof. Moshe Phillip and Dr. Shlomit Shalitin