Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel, also affectionately known as Schneider Children's, is the only comprehensive, highly specialized care hospital of its kind in the country and in the Middle East, dedicated exclusively to the well-being of all children and adolescents. 
Schneider Children's also receives patients from the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, and from as far away as Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, thus fulfilling its mandate to serve as a “bridge to peace” in the region. Since its establishment in 1991, Schneider Children's has become recognized as an institution of medical and academic excellence.

Schneider Children's comprises 250 beds, 43% of which are assigned to critical care (Intensive Care Units, Neonatology, Burns and so on) and provides the full range of pediatric subspecialties and comprehensive paramedical services to all children from newborn up till age 18. Special adult clinics ensure follow-up care for those born with congenital disorders. The medical center serves as the national referral center for Hematology-Oncology, Endocrinology and Childhood Diabetes, and Cardiology and is the country's leading institution in the field of bone marrow and organ transplants, such as heart and lung, liver and kidney.

Schneider Children's is a member of Clalit Health Services - the largest HMO in Israel with over 3 million members - and receives all HMO patients for treatment and admission.

Just for Children

  Schneider Children's is all about children. It utilizes a unique approach to pediatric medicine where children are treated as children and not as small adults. Since they have different emotional and physical resources for healing, medical approaches emphasize the healthy aspects of the child’s life, which greatly enhance the healing process.
Comprehensive, quality medical treatment is provided alongside emotional, cognitive, scholastic, social and family care. Treatment and rehabilitation are, by and large, concomitant with maintaining the child’s normal daily routine as far as possible.  

Schneider Children's is an unparalleled center of caring and compassion, bearing the mark of hands and hearts. Designed solely with the child in mind, the overarching architectural concept and the wide use of translucent materials promote light, visibility and calm. From the very first encounter, the child is drawn into the beautiful, spacious, light-filled atrium enlivened by huge stuffed animals, artistic displays, colorful wind banners and lego-like cubicles. Glass-enclosed elevators, easy directions and play/waiting areas with computer corners help the youngster and his family feel welcome.

Every detail of the hospital is geared to the child's world. Coordinating color schemes, cheerfully patterned linens and pajamas and captivating aquariums enhance the secure atmosphere, while centrally located nurses’ stations and doctor's sections emphasize openness and accessibility. Spacious and colorful patient rooms, each with its own private washroom, include convertible lounge chairs alongside every bed for parents who stay with their child 24 hours a day, and individual television sets in order to make the child and family as comfortable as possible. Similarly, a kitchen and lounge is provided for the use of parents, as well as apartments for rent.

Medical Excellence

Saving children’s lives is what Schneider Children’s is about, but not solely.
Medical excellence is measured on many levels. Ensuring that children receive the finest comprehensive care that modern pediatric medicine has to offer involves constant vigilance, sustained investment and a lifetime commitment to that excellence. 

Since its establishment in 1991, Schneider Children's has set new standards in pediatric protocol in Israel and has become recognized as one of the foremost pediatric institutions in the world. It continues to be in the forefront of saving children’s lives through medical excellence, as demonstrated by treating young victims of terror and accidents, and providing innovative therapies to seriously ill children.

  • Pediatric subspecialties previously unknown in Israel have been introduced, the most recent of which include Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Pain Management.
  • Schneider Children's promotes “whole-child-care” where medical treatment is accompanied by developmental, psychological, social and educational services.
  • Schneider Children's Hematology-Oncology Division is the leading referral center in the country and region for all cancer and blood disease.
  • All liver and most kidney transplants in children are conducted at Schneider Children's as well as heart and lung and bone marrow transplants.
  • The renowned Pediatric Cardiology Institute laid the protocols, now nationally accepted, for the diagnosis and treatment of all pediatric heart-related illnesses.
  • Installation of the Cardiac Catheterization Unit revolutionized modern medical practice and vastly contributed to the curtailment of invasive procedures. Children underwent over 400 catheterizations during 2002 at Schneider Children’s representing a new national record, and placing the medical center in the same leagues as top institutions in the United States.
  • Schneider Children's National Center for Childhood Diabetes was the first to introduce a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in a specialized field in Israel, and constitutes one of the largest type 1 diabetes clinics in the world.
  • The Imaging Department has been transformed into a film-less, state-of-the-art, digital entity, with electronically stored data.
  • Schneider Children's Institute of Genetics is in the forefront of technological developments that are taking place in the field of human genetics worldwide, offering advanced services, counseling and treatment, and serving proportionately the highest number of people of any genetics institute in Israel.
  • Schneider Children's was the first hospital in Israel to introduce mobile computerized patient folders whereby all medical data is centrally stored and accessible to any physician at a moment's notice, thus obviating the need for voluminous files and handwritten reports and promoting patient safety.

Patient Satisfaction

According to several public surveys between 1999 - 2002, Schneider Children’s received the highest ratings of nine hospitals surveyed. It was also the only hospital with the highest average 90% rating for being the hospital of choice second time round. A later survey indicated that Schneider Children’s once again attained the top score for hospitalization (95% satisfaction).

Most Aesthetic in Israel

For the 6th consecutive year, Schneider Children's won the annual five-star title in 2002 from the Council for a Beautiful Israel as “the most aesthetic hospital" in the country. In 2003, the Council for a Beautiful Israel awarded the medical center the "Flag of Beauty", which is bestowed once every five years.


Schneider Children's receives the most severe cases of chronic illness, complex surgeries and serious injuries of youngsters from all over the country, with the result that patients can be hospitalized for long periods of time. Any hospital experience presents children with an intimidating and complicated challenge, which can have a significant impact upon the child’s mental state, affecting diagnosis, treatment and subsequent rates of recovery and rehabilitation.

Schneider Children's has evolved a comprehensive policy constituting whole-child-care, where medical excellence and a unique multidisciplinary approach are interwoven with psychological, educational, developmental and social services.

  • A variety of confidence-building measures serve to reassure both child and parents, so that anxiety and stress are minimized as far as possible. These range from printed explanatory booklets, CD-Rom presentations, a weekly theater show called "Tails", to hands-on demonstrations, preparatory sessions and orientation tours.
  • Employment of foreign language social workers from their countries of origin promotes communication and understanding with patients from non-Hebrew speaking families. In addition to Hebrew, patients can communicate in Arabic, Amharic, Russian or English.
  • The Child Life Unit and Education Center provides instruction to children of all ages up to matriculation, whose studies are necessarily interrupted due to hospitalization or chronic illness. Art therapy - a treatment modality for expression, sharing and individuality - is an important component from both the enjoyment and therapeutic points of view.
  • Schneider Children's Starlight Room – an advanced multimedia project - is aimed to provide the child with better tools to cope with hospitalization. Set within an environment where illness, pain and treatments are forgotten, children are introduced to a world of play, imagination and enjoyment through an array of social and entertainment activities.
  • The “Snoezelen”, or the white room due to the all-white decor and soft furnishings, is a multi-senses stimulation environment, where free movement and rest promote self-confidence.
  • The Family Centered Care Unit provides on-site free services to patients and families and runs therapeutic workshops.
  • A corps of 400 volunteers assists the medical staff and arranges for special projects and events such as the celebration of birthdays and holidays.
  • Outings for dialysis patients and children with chronic conditions are common, and even the most complicated logistics do not prevent the staff from organizing trips both locally and abroad.

Academic Excellence

As a teaching hospital affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, Schneider Children's conducts cooperative training and research programs both locally and internationally, accentuating the wisdom of incorporating high quality research into a tertiary medical facility. International collaborative research and professional connections are high on the list of priorities. Partnerships extend from China across Europe to Canada and the United States. Closer to home, the Middle East Hearing Association (MEHA) brings together pediatric experts from Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, under Canadian auspices.  

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