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Oral hygiene packs for hospitalized children
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“Heartbeat” photographs in Copenhagen
Taken on the 20th anniversary of Schneider Children’s
Kidney Recipients Gathering
35 Years of Pediatric Renal Transplantation
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Int’l Child’s Day Marked
Groovy Breakfasts
The children love them…
Schneider Innovation: Pre-Surgical Tours
To familiarize children and reduce anxiety
Hospital Clowning Course
For details and registration, contact Ella Agur at 054-7536251, or Ram Berlin at 054-5350939 or write
Higher Israeli Solidarity:
Among Arab Parents of Hospitalized Children
48 Hours: 7 Organ Transplants
Within 48 hours, 7 children received a new lease on life following organ donations in a marathon of operations, one after the other

Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel

Kidney Recipients Gathering

Kidney Recipients Gathering

A gathering of all pediatric kidney recipients over the years was held at Schneider Children’s to mark 35 years of renal transplantation in children
Groovy Breakfasts in a Box

Groovy Breakfasts in a Box

Thinking outside the box, Schneider Children’s has devised a new and novel method to serve breakfast to hospitalized children. “Groovy Breakfast in a Box” represents a significant upgrade and encourages children to eat
Schneider Innovation: Pre-Surgical Tours

Schneider Innovation: Pre-Surgical Tours

Pre-Surgical Tours for children prior to undergoing surgery have been introduced as part of preparatory activities by the Surgical Suite at the initiative of its director, Dr. Yaacov Katz, head nurse, Orly Refael, and operations nurse, Or Fuchs
Winter Season Tips

Winter Season Tips

Dr. Eli Belinsky, a specialist in infectious diseases at Schneider Children’s has issued tips in anticipation of winter and offers suggestions what parents can do to ensure as far as possible that their child doesn’t get sick
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