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Happy and Healthy Yom HaAtzmaut!

Schneider Children’s experts have issued tips on how to enjoy the national Independence Day holiday without injury or weigh gain
Date: 01.05.16 | Update: 03.05.16


Yom Ha’atzmaut – Independence Day – is a national holiday in the State of Israel when the population celebrates at entertainment centers and picnics in nature. Each year, children arrive at the hospital with injuries from fireworks, barbeques and various spray cans. Specialists at Schneider Children’s have issued tips about how to enjoy a safe holiday without gaining weight.


Prof. Yehezkel Waisman, Director of the Emergency Medicine Department, recommends:

  • Foam and Spray Cans – These cans contain chemical substances which can injure the eyes. It is preferable to avoid playing with them. Should they still be used, they must not be directed towards the eyes. In the event of an eye injury from these substances, the eyes must be washed well with tap water and medical attention sought.

  • Barbecues – Children should be kept away from any source of fire, whether a barbecue or anything else in order to avoid burns. Should a burn occur, wash the affected area in cold tap water, cover with a special dressing or clean cloth and seek medical attention.

  • Eating Meat – Children under the age of 5 should not be offered tough meat to chew to prevent choking. Sausages should also be cut along the length, not across, to prevent breathing into the lungs. All small snacks, nuts, etc, must be kept out of reach of small children under 5. Children should eat while seated and not while playing games to avoid choking.

  • Cap Guns – These should be avoided altogether, and not be touched nor put into trouser pockets. Should injury occur, wash the affected area with tap water, cover with a bandage and seek immediate medical attention. It should be remembered that firecrackers sold in shops despite the Standards approval can also cause injuries.

Dana Resnick, clinical dietician in the Nutrition and Dietary Unit, notes that the national holiday provides another opportunity to serve as a personal example.

Everyone knows that Yom HaAtzmaut is a “BBQ” holiday. However, simple changes can convey the message that celebrations do not have to only be around food. It is worthwhile selecting a picnic site near a hiking route or sports elements.

  • Select a picnic spot alongside hiking trails or sports elements

  • Prepare vegetable kebabs together with children based on their ages, as well as salads and/or vegetable platters, so that they too can enjoy the joint activity and understand the message of the importance of vegetables on the menu. This means eating vegetables daily in five colors each of which provides a different nutritional value.  The greater the variety of color and arrangements, the greater the accessibility of vitamins and minerals. More colorful vegetable skewers are both more attractive and healthier. Combining vegetables in the daily diet allows the consumption of anti-oxidents, vitamins, minerals and nutritional fiber which provide a sense of satiety with few calories.

Although Yom HaAtzmaut is only one day, the barbeque tradition is an invitation to gain weight.

  • Enjoy food within limits. During the week of the holiday, it is recommended to add physical exercise or increase your daily exercise routine.

  • Eat proper meals. The barbecue constitutes a huge caloric temptation, so maintain your regular meals (they can be reduced) in order not to arrive at the barbecue too hungry. Increased hunger means incorrect food
    choices with higher-calories are consumed faster.

  • Recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health stipulate the avoidance of honey until the age of one year. This should be taken into account when preparing marinades for meat or fish.




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